Financial plan

Fear of financial insecurity starts, when there is an anxiety of losing what you have and not being able to get what you want. It is a state of misery, which you may find overwhelming and all-pervading. The best way to overcome such a situation is to plan your finances from the first Dayanidhi of your earning.

SWOT Analysis  

Strengths: Realize your strengths and weakness. Your strengths could be the ability to work hard and smart. You may have special talents and skills in specific professional domains. Make a list of your plus points and start building on them.

Weakness: Similarly, you have to make a list of your weaknesses and take steps to reduce or eliminate them at the earliest. For example, you may have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to saving. You may have an impulsive nature to spend more. You could be prone to lethargy, loss of enthusiasm, and a willing willingness to let go of the instant gratification.

Opportunities: Life offers plenty of opportunities to earn if you have the willingness. It is the first necessity towards taking a proactive step towards your targeted goals. You can take a part-time job, start a small business, make investments in stocks, or take a freelance job which can earn you extra income. You can also search for a higher paying job by taking the help of a consultant.

Threats: Identify the external and internal threats in your life. External threats could be insecure or a low paying job, odd working hours, stress and fatigue, uncertain market, obstinate colleagues and bosses, etc. Internal threats could be an unstable family, chronic illnesses or addictions, and an unstable mind.

Proactive Steps

Strength Management: You can manage your strengths by focusing on performance rather than results. Sometimes your focus may be concentrated on the goals rather than on the means of achieving them. Shift your focus and you can experience satisfying results within a short span of time. When it comes to long-term goals, you should be patient and persistent. Start physical workouts and Yoga to make you enthusiastic about everyday life.

Weakness Reduction: You can’t eliminate all your weaknesses lime you empty the trash can in your house. Procrastinate unnecessary spending and give priority to saving. Start your Dayanidhi early if you want to overcome lethargy.

Remember: It is not the entirety of life that is killing your motivation. It is the grind of everyday life that seems to be boring, repetitive, and extremely dull. One trick is to overcome monotonous life by developing healthy hobbies which can generate income also. For example, you may choose creative writing, photography, or start a small business that is part-time.

Opportunity Utilization: You need to utilize the gifted opportunities that are in your hands. You may try any or more than one strength building techniques to utilize the opportunities.

Threat Management: You can’t reduce external threats. You have to be flexible and find intelligent ways to manage them without damaging the opportunities to earn.

Once you start practicing on these simple suggestions, it is possible to experience a significant reduction in the fear of financial insecurity.