Top of Form Ever since the pressure for getting into a good job, earning a wholesome amount of money and earning a respectable name in the society has considerably increased over the years, the completion has been tougher than ever. And the first step towards getting a job is the unnerving interview. Many candidates get rejected, in spite of them being geniuses in their respected fields, in interviews. If you want to ace your next interview and get ahold of that dream job you’ve wanted to get, follow these tips to assure you your dream job.

Acing a job interview

1. Do your ample research about the company you are looking to apply.

Your interviewers may ask you the company’s competitive advantages, who the company’s competitors are and what tactics to use to get ahead in the competition.

2. Prepare your reasons beforehand on why you want the job.

Always be prepared to give out your best qualities which would make you a prized worker in the company. Be careful not to sound too vain about it.

3. Prepare for common and normative interview questions.

Every interview has some specific questions which are asked at every interview. Prepare those questions beforehand so that you can avoid fumbling and answer confidently.

4. Practice for “Why should we hire you?” questions. Know your strong points and be ready to place them well before your interviewer/s

Pretend to be the interviewer and ask yourself why they might not want to hire you. Then be prepared with your defense. For example, “There might be reason to believe that I am not a good fit for the position because…. But rest assured, [give a good reason why the interviewer shouldn’t be worried].”

5. Impress your interviewers in the first few minutes.

Enter the room with positive energy and vigour, giving them a reason to notice you, and show your appreciation for the interviewer’s time. Remember to smile and be polite.

6. Think positive.

Interviewers might trick you into saying something negative so that they can challenge you with it later. They might say something like, “What do you like the least in working in a group?”. Say, “Every shortcoming teaches me to do better in the near future.”

7. Bring a copy of your resume to every interview.

It’s very important to keep a copy of your resume with you. If the interviewer has misplaced it, you will save a lot of their time, therefore showing your efficiency.

8. Speak the right body language.

Make steady eye contact, give out a firm handshake, stand and sit with a good posture, speak clearly, coherently and confidently.

9. Dress for the job

Interviewers often judge you physically at first. Dress smartly and appropriately to shine in front of their eyes.

10. Don’t give up!

Even if you don’t get the job, don’t lose hope. With ample practice you will ace your next interview.

If you follow the above tips, you’ll be more than prepared to crack any kind of interview in the future.