71 percent say the amount of work they obtained online increased this year (up 5 points since 2016).[1]

With freelance work becoming more mainstream it has become quintessential to come off as a professional than being seen as someone who is just looking for another gig.


In 90 percent of cases, you are going to find your client online. Either via cold emails or on a freelance platform. So, managing your online profile and communication is key to landing your desired project. 

Clients prefer freelancers who take their work seriously and are not doing freelancing as a part-time thing. They want to save their time and energy in finding new freelancers for every new requirement that pops up. So, building professional relationships with clients is also a part of being a freelancer.

Here are 3 ways to look more professional as a freelancer to increase your income by landing high-paying jobs.

1) Be flexible and understand your clients perspective.

Every client has different values and ethics. Some might be more stringent regarding the quality of your work while others might just want to get the work done as fast as possible. In your freelancing career, you are more likely to run into trouble if you operate by fixed ideas. This shows that you have had prior experience working with people and are not a newbie.      

To understand a client’s perspective, you can find out some information about your client’s background. It doesn’t hurt to peek into your client’s LinkedIn profile and check out where they went to college and their work history. This might seem unnecessary to some people but is vital when it comes to communicating with them.

Moreover, other information like clients age and gender also plays an essential role. You may want to use a more formal tone when talking or writing to a client who is over 50 years of age. Whereas, the younger generation prefers a casual yet professional way of communication.

2) Have an online presence

Online presence

Your reputation is probably the most important thing to you as a freelancer. People prefer to hear good things about a freelancer before investing their time and money working with you. Most popular freelancing platforms let the employers rate the freelancer based on several key factors. Scoring high in these ratings will help you build your reputation online.

Likewise, having a profile on Facebook or LinkedIn will help the client know you better. And this way they can a quick decision to work with you or not. This saves both your and your prospects time. Another way to look more professional as a freelancer is to upload regular videos on YouTube.

Having a YouTube channel dedicated to your skill or craft shows that you are serious about your work and can be relied upon to finish the project in time. You can also show your work station and showcase the various offline and online tools you use to be a better freelancer.

3) Write better proposals

A proposal is meant to convince the client that you are the right candidate for the job. A proposal could be written as a cold email or in response to a job posting on a freelance platform. To catch the eye of your prospects you have to stand out from the hundreds of applicants wanting the same job or a gig. 

A well-written proposal can help you win the highest paid jobs on freelance platforms. The same proposal writing skills can be applied while writing a cold email. Cold emails have a low conversion rate but you can get responses when you address the correct points. In conclusion, a well-crafted proposal can help you win more clients and increase your income.


I hope these points will help you land your desired project next time you send a proposal. I have personally applied these methods in my freelancing career and found them to be vital. It might take time to build an online presence, but with time your profile itself will be enough to convince a client of your capabilities.