A trade show is an event organized by the administrative group of a particular industry or a profession. In this event, all leading and upcoming companies are invited. They are offered a booth and all necessary pieces of equipment to conduct demonstrations, talks, and business meetings.

Trade show

If you are a business owner of a startup or a small company, this could be a golden opportunity for you to meet your potential clients and other business owners. To make the best of this opportunity, you could use advanced gadgets and devices that will help you record and display vital information to the visitors.

Here are 5 ways to use tech in trade shows. Use these tools to get more traction to your booth.

1) Use social media

It’s important to create a buzz about your organization being present at the trade show. This attracts potential clients and admirers of your products or services to the trade shows. You can easily create an event page on Facebook and let it do its magic by sending invitations to the relevant audience. Some other ways to spread the word is by hosting a live video chat on YouTube. This way, people will be able to watch the trade show live on their devices.

2) Set up a video wall

Video wall

A video wall is a giant screen made up of several small displays. Its main purpose is to catch people’s attention and convey information about your company or its products. A video wall can become a center of attention in a trade show. Not many people us such advanced methods in an event like a trade show. Moreover, some video walls also come with a touchscreen. So, you provide your potential clients a chance to use the touchscreen. This works great for software products like mobile apps, application software, etc.

3) Use beacons


A beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter that can pair up with devices like smartphones, etc. It can help you know the headcount in the trade show in any selected area. Moreover, beacons are also used to transmit broadcast messages like notifications, warning signals, greetings, etc. So, a stalling a beacon near your booth can be very handy.  

4) Use heat maps

Heat maps generate graphical representations of data using color-coded systems. They use different colors to distinguish between the two sections. For instance, a crowded area in the trade show will be shown in red and less crowded in green. This way you will always be aware of the distribution of people around your booth.  

5) Digital catalogues

Instead of keeping printed catalogues and brochures of your products, you can install tablet computers at the front desk. This will not only save paper but will also let you capture the user’s email address and contact details. So, your digital catalogue can turn into a lead generation machine. Moreover, people will also be able to read and understand your products/services in detail.


To reiterate, the main purpose of a trade show is to spread the word about your company and its products/services. These tech devices are going to help you conduct the entire process in a smooth and hassle-free manner. Anyone who has organized a trade show will know how chaotic things can get without the use of monitoring systems.