Saving money is not easy. I understand the difficulties you must be facing while following the traditional ways of saving money. This is the reason, you have to find clever ways to trick yourself into it.

saving money

Being said that, you can’t continue to live your life without having the basic knowledge of how assets are created and maintained. Your savings account is an asset too.

Here are 5 ways to trick yourself into saving money.

1) Get a cash rewards credit card

Instead of spending your reward points on purchases, you can redeem your rewards and transfer the amount to your savings account. This way you can trick yourself into saving money and also take control of your spendings. Most people buy stuff using their rewards thinking that it’s not their money. They look at it as a bonus. But is it really a gift from the bank? I will suggest you save that money in your savings account and let it grow even further.

2) Change an unhealthy habit

We all like to occasionally indulge in fun activities like drinking with our buddies, going out to expensive restaurants and partying. There is nothing wrong with that. But if you are one of those people who does it quite often then you should take a step back and think about it. Your ignorance is costing you so much money. You need to seek help from your family and friends by asking them to temporarily keep a tab on your spending habits.

3) Use budgeting tools and apps

You can trick yourself into saving money by using budgeting apps like Mint and PocketGuard on your phone. These apps help you keep a track of your spendings. You can set your budget for each bank account or credit card you use. The app will regularly notify you of your spending status. It’s really like your personal finance assistant. Moreover, they also alert you when you overspend or go over budget.

4) Hoard your change


The old-school money-saving technique of piggybacking can also trick you into saving money. At the end of every day or week, you can collect all your change and put it into the piggy bank. It might seem silly at first but over time you can save some serious cash. Even if you put change worth of $20 every week. That’s $80 per month and $960 per year. You can take all the coins to your nearest bank and transfer the amount to your savings account.

5) Get a savings buddy

If you are unable to put in place none of the above methods, you might need one on one help. What’s better than having a buddy who can help you out with your finances. The financial buddy system is a give-and-take relationship so think about ways in which you can help your buddy’s financial growth as well. It’s not wise to share your financial information with a complete stranger. So, ask someone from your friends and family members to partner up with you.


A lot of people think saving a small amount of money per month won’t help them in the long term. Even if you cut your expenses save $40 per month, that’s $480 per year. $480 dollars that you otherwise would have spent without even noticing it. So, saving small quantities also makes you more stringent about money.