Instead of going for a stable office job, a lot of millennials have chosen to work on building their online business. An online business allows you to travel the world and work from any location you want. Whereas in a traditional office job, you only get a couple of weeks of vacation. Building a strong following on Instagram is one of the easiest ways to earn decent money.

Here are 6 ways to make money on Instagram and travel the world.

1) Affiliate marketing

You will find tons of advice on how to make money on Instagram with affiliate marketing. But most of those methods are either impractical or outdated. You can’t just create an Instagram account and start posting random stuff hoping that somehow your account will go viral. Select a niche and focus on solving specific problems your target audience face on a daily basis. You can add affiliate links to your post on Instagram or provide a link to your blog.

2) Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are provided by the brands to the influencers to share with their audience how a product or a service has helped the influencer in his/her own life. You can use the product to learn more about it and provide genuine recommendations to your audience. The brand will either pay you a fee based on the sponsor posts reach or they might give you commissions on the sale via your Instagram page.

3) Become a brand ambassador


You can make money on Instagram by promoting particular brands products or services on your Instagram account. And you can do so by becoming a brand ambassador of that company. You can earn a lot of money if you have thousands of genuine followers. Companies pay influencers based on how many followers they have got. To share a post or an image of the product they are willing to pay $5-$100 per 1000 followers.

4) Sell how-to courses

Once you have build up a good number of followers on Instagram, you can think about making money by selling them courses that can help them solve specific problems. Try to communicate with the audience to find out what their common pain points are. Figure out a solution and create a short course on it. To grow your Instagram business, make your course as valuable for your audience as possible.

5) Sell high-quality Instagram photos

Now you can earn money by selling high-quality Instagram photos on sites like Sellfy. Just create the images as you would normally do and upload them Sellfy. You can also create many images keeping a particular brand or industry in mind and upload them on Selly. Brands will buy the images of they find them suitable for their products.

6) Sell your Instagram account

Instagram account flipping is a serious business. If you are someone who knows how to grow Instagram following, you can make some decent money by selling your account. Fameswap is a website that allows you to sell your social media accounts to people who are willing to pay for it. 


You can spend 4-5 hours per day creating posts, editing images and writing content for your Instagram account. These tasks can be performed from anywhere and all you need is a computer with a decent internet connection. Join the thousands of digital nomads who are living their life on the edge by traveling and exploring the world.