What parent doesn’t want to spend more time with their children? But if you don’t have a source of income like a business or any other asset that is producing money, you will have to rely on a day job to fulfill your and your families financial needs.

Most parents make the mistake of accepting any available job without thinking about how it will affect their personal life. It’s fine for a single person without kids to work 80 hours a week and focus solely on their career; but not for a parent.


Whether you are a single parent or are living with a partner, you have to dedicate a major chunk of your time to your children. By making an intelligent choice of what jobs to apply for, you can save your children from being brought up without proper parenting.

Here are the top jobs for parents with school-aged children. Some of the jobs on this list may be blue color, but they are proven to be suitable for a parent.

1. Teaching

Online teaching

Teaching is one of the best jobs for parents with school-aged children. Also, summer is a great time to land a part-time online teaching job which will also let you take care of your kids. Teaching is a big industry and with the advent of the latest technology, it is possible to teach someone from a remote location. Online tools like BigBlueButton make your job easier and also keep you in a social and relaxed mood. As a result, you don’t get stressed out at the end of the day. 

2. Freelance interior designer

Being an interior designer allows you to work on projects that require creativity and innovation. Hence, it is not easy and entails a certain level of dedication to your work. Are you a creative type who can make designing your source of living? If yes, then you should definitely learn about interior designing and start your own freelance business from the comfort of your home.

3. Counselor

Online counseling is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do as a parent. It involves helping and working with actual human beings and not machines. If you are good with people and have an active interest in behavioral psychology, online counseling is the job for you.

Furthermore, you can communicate with your clients online via video chat, text, email, or phone. Most people who need help prefer communication online rather than in person. It gives them the personal space and freedom they need. Hence, online counseling is becoming more popular.


There are so many parents who regret putting their work above their children. At the time, they were too consumed with the idea of making more money and having a better future. You can learn from them and only apply for jobs that are tailor-made for parents with school-aged children.

Office jobs are also a great option if the timings and location are perfect for you. Going to an office and working with people is always a better way of working than working at home. You get to socialize and make real friends. So, whether you prefer to work offline or online, there are many jobs that are better than the traditional 60 hour workweek.