Are you planning to start your home-based business but don’t have any particular skills? There is no reason to worry as there are plenty of easy-to-learn crafts like ironing which can be comprehended in less than a day. Once you become proficient with ironing clothes, nothing is stopping you from starting an ironing business from your home.

Starting an ironing business is a very wise decision considering it does not require a huge initial investment and, also, it is nearly fail-safe. You have nothing to lose.

ironing business

This is a quick guide on starting a venture from home and its purpose is to make get you acquainted with the basics of an ironing business. After reading this post you will feel more confident in your abilities as an entrepreneur.

What do I need to get started with my home-based ironing business?

This is one of those businesses in which you don’t need to invest a lot of money on inventory. All you need is a good steam iron and an ironing board. Buy a professional iron that can be used for all types of ironing methods like dry ironing, steam ironing and ironing with a variable steam output.

Along with that, you also need a separate room where you can store all the ironed clothes. Buy several wardrobes with hangers to keep the ironed clothes in a pristine condition.

How much should I charge?

Some ironing businesses charge per pound to iron and deliver the clothes at the customer’s doorstep. Another important point: an ironing business is very local so you need to pick a region near your home where you can easily pick and delivery clothes.

You can charge extra for the delivery service or can include it in the invoice itself. The exact amount you charge will depend on the city and demographics you are targeting but also try to research your competitors and find out their pricing.

Market research for a home-based business

Many home-based business owners think market research is something big corporate firms do and it is trivial when it comes to their small business. If you are one of these people, I would like to tell you that this is furthest from the truth.

Market research can be conducted from your home. You don’t need to hire anyone to do it. Websites like the United States Census Bureau and provide much-needed statistics and data that you can examine for free. Use this information to understand people and their buying behavior in the area you plan to run your ironing business.


When it comes to a small local business, Google My Business is the number one marketing tool that you can use for free. Recent research shows that about 5 percent of people who view your page on Google My Business will go ahead and purchase your services.

A 5 percent conversion rate is nearly impossible to achieve using other marketing tools. There is no reason you shouldn’t use such free tools that take care of your marketing and advertising needs.