Don’t settle for a life of ill-health and misery when you can choose to be more active in the retirement period. Staying in good shape(mentally and physically) is quintessential for people older than 60. Assuming that you have done your bit with savings and retirement plans, you should now think about engaging in fun and recreational activities that will make you feel young again.


Here are some fulfilling retirement activities to keep you busy.

1. Work part-time

Working after the age of 66 is not easy. Some might find it extremely difficult as you start to signs of tiredness quicker than ever. But if you are one of those elderly people who find motivation and inspiration in work, apply for positions that will let you work part-time. Retail positions, call centers, childcare services, etc are some of the industries suitable for an elderly person.

2. Travel the world

Your retirement activity does not necessarily have to be boring. If keeping busy is your goal, you should consider traveling the globe as a backpacker. Backpacking is not only limited to millennials. According to, Canada, England, Scotland and Ireland are some of the safest places for the elderly backpackers.

3. Start a business

Every business needs you to invest some capital to get it started. As an elderly, you should look to invest in businesses which will require you to be a silent partner.  You don’t want to overexert yourself by working too hard at this age. In this regard, real estate investment is the most retirement friendly business.

4. Volunteer

Volunteering is an altruistic activity which you can do with no intentions of earning money. The only goal is to help someone in need. You must volunteer with an organization that you share values with. Also, you should be able to enjoy the activity you are doing. It could be anything from feeding the stray pets to cleaning up forests.

5. Start a blog

Starting a blog is an activity that will not only keep you busy in your retirement years but will also help you earn a decent income. KathysRetirementBlog is a great example of a senior blog. The author is dedicated to providing all the information needed for someone who is planing a successful retirement.

6. Make new friends

For people who love golf, joining a country club will open up a whole new world for you. Amateur golfers usually like to conduct events and parties to meet and connect with other sharing the same passion. When it comes to making friends at an old age, location matters a lot. You can’t be browsing social media profiles and expect to meet someone you deeply connect with.

7. Take up a senior-friendly sport

50PlusWorld has a great article on age-friendly sports. Walking, Swimming and Yoga are the top three sports listed on their post. Some people won’t consider walking a sport. But it has immense mental/physical health benefits for elderly people. Especially, when done early in the morning.


Goal setting” and “hustling to get what you want in life” does not end when you retire. The purpose of this post was to make you aware of how important it is to continue your active lifestyle. So, keep setting goals of the things you would like to accomplish each passing year. And do your best to attain them.