Do you stay in a hurricane-prone area? Afraid this natural calamity will destroy your vehicles? Hurricanes can be devastating for both people and their belongings.


Hurricane is a high-velocity storm system that forms over ocean waters and approaches towards land at full throttle. Powerful winds, heavy rainfall, storm surges, coastal and inland flooding, rip currents, tornadoes, and landslides are some of the threats that a hurricane can pose.

In such a difficult period, it is essential to protect yourself and your belongings. You don’t want to end up without a vehicle(or a damaged one) at the end of the hurricane season.

At what time of the year the hurricane is most likely to occur?

According to a report by AccuWeather, hurricanes(in the United States) are prevalent from June 1 to November 30. This date is based on the data they collected in the past 150 years. Usually, storms start to form over the Atlantic ocean in the start if August, hurricanes arrive in September and the mayhem continues till late October. In other parts of the world, such storms do occur and are called by other names(cyclone, typhoon, etc).

How do I prepare my car for a hurricane season ahead?

1. Take pictures of the interior and exterior

This is a key step in making sure that your insurance company pays for the damages caused to your car by the hurricane. Your insurance company will need before and after images of your car. Take pictures of the interior and exterior of the car. Make sure you cover all angles.

2. Talk to your car insurance agent beforehand

Before the hurricane season begins, give a phone call to your car insurance agent and ask them if there are policy changes that you should know. Also, ask them to reiterate the things that are covered in the policy. If the policy doesn’t include wind or flood then use a major insurer that will and at a good rate like with Amica discounts available. You don’t want to give any chance of getting away from providing cover.

3. Safely store your car papers

Do not keep the documents in your car. Store them safely in a place where you know they will be safe(during the storm). To be safe, rent a locker somewhere in the hurricane-safe-zone and keep the papers in it. This way you can easily produce them when the insurance agent asks for it.

4. Fill up the fuel tank

Fuel tank

The point of keeping the car fuel tank fuel is to get out of the situation as soon as the storm and the flood subsides. You don’t want to stay in a place with no supplies and possible no electricity. This move will not only keep your car safe but also ensure your safety.

Final thoughts

Flooding is the biggest threat to your car during a hurricane. To protect your car from the becoming junk, park it on high ground, maybe on the second or third floor of the building. Some apartment do have the facility to park your vehicle on a higher ground

If you stay in a desolate area with no tall apartment buildings, parking your car on a hill will be enough to save it from drowning. But damages to the engine are expected and here is where your car insurance will cover you.