Saving money is crucial when you run your own business. If you aren’t sure where to start, then take a look below.

switch glass

Turn off the Lights

One way for you to save money would be for you to turn off lights for rooms that are not in use. Of course, you can’t leave your customers in the dark, but one thing that you can do is switch to energy-efficient bulbs instead. If you do this then you can easily save a small fortune and you can also make your business much more energy efficient.

Conserve Water

When you run a restaurant, it can be tempting to run the dishwasher as soon as plates go in. You should avoid doing this at all times. The dishwasher should only be run when it is absolutely full. This will cut down on the cost of water, soap and even energy too. Soaking the dishes can also be a good idea, as it will loosen up those tough stains. This will save you from putting them through the dishwasher again.

Switch to Glass

Not only is glass better for the environment, it’s better for your restaurant too. The more you can reuse items, the less waste you’ll have and the less money you’ll have to spend.


A lot of people worry about restaurant insurance cost. This doesn’t have to be the case, and if you go with the right provider then you’ll soon find that you don’t have to break the bank in order to get the cover that you are looking for.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Sure, energy-efficient appliances are more expensive but in the long run they pay for themselves.

Look at your Menu

The more you can trim down your menu, the better. This will reduce spoilage and it will also help to keep the cost of food under budget.


E-marketing is way cheaper than having to send out physical business cards or even leaflets. If you use social media then you’ll soon find that it doesn’t cost anything to post on there, not to mention that you will be able to reach a much bigger audience as a result.

Your Staff

Teach your staff to turn off the lights, and ask them to let you know if you have a leaking tap. Little changes like this often have the biggest impact and you would be surprised at what a difference it could make to your business overall.

Talk With Creditors

If you have debt then it is always a good idea for you to talk with your creditors. When you do, you can then find out if you can lower your interest terms or if you can transfer your debt to another provider.

Buy Used

When you operate in the catering business, it’s understandable that you’ll need to buy equipment. If you buy used, then this can save you a huge amount of money and it may even stop you from going into debt.