Being independent is something we all strive to achieve throughout our lives. As children, we want to prove we are old enough to stay up late. As we are growing, it is a minor gain of independence. As teenagers, we want nothing but getting what we want in life because that means independence. As adults, we realize how much work all of the above takes. Sometimes it’s hard to know when the transition happens.

Talking With People When You Need Help


Communicating with your parents, co-workers, and bosses like an adult means being able to talk to them. It also means knowing when you need to ask them for help or to ask others outside of them for help. Talking to people about getting your goals met is how you can understand where you want to be.

In an example, you want to buy your first home and have a down payment ready, but you will need help preparing the documents or getting a loan. You will need to work with the bank or a team of financial advisors. You need help getting the answers to questions you have such as, “What is a land trust?” People will help you find the money for your home or work with what you have to invest in real property you can benefit from long-term. It just means asking for help.

Independent Choice

Independent choice is more than picking out your outfit for the day. Independent choice involves the big questions of life and figuring out the feasibility of them. Independence of choice is being able to ask yourself where you want to live and how you are going to pay for it. Independent choice is wondering if you should take that job offer and will it be work for your long term goals as well as your short term goals.

Taking Responsibility For Yourself

Taking responsibility for you is the biggest and hardest transition to make. This one requires the ability to acknowledge when we have made a mistake and accept the consequences for a bad decision. You may have been doing that from early childhood, but others find it more difficult.

Being honest with yourself and those around you is a big step to being an adult. It is admitting when you have made a bad decision such as buying that new car that was a great deal, but a real lemon in terms of quality. You will need to be responsible for the bad decision and the consequence it brings.

You will need to know how to be responsible for your situations. Being responsible means knowing when you will need to step back and reevaluate bad decisions or change your situation for the better. You can take action and figure out how you need to change the situation for the better. If you hate your job, you can be responsible for going to look for a new one without just quitting and leaving.

Financial Independence

Financial independence is the hardest to achieve for people of all ages because even gaining it as an adult does not mean you get to keep it for the entirety of your life. It also teaches you to accept your changing circumstances because not everything runs smoothly through your choices.

Just because you took that high paying job does not mean they will keep you around long-term. It also does not mean you are fully able to go out into the real world and make ends meet. It is a means to an end of low-paying jobs and with the potential for more. It also gives you the potential for future growth beyond the job.

Financial independence comes with the price of knowing what your wants and needs are and placing the needs first. You need that new transmission so the new shoes will have to wait. While this is not always the most fun decision, it is the most responsible and the responsibility of life comes before the fun.

The Importance of Being Independent

Being independent is the best thing to be when you are an adult. It is accepting the responsibility of the life you choose to live and make smart educated decisions about crucial life matters. It is exciting when done right and not the scary reality when looked at through a child’s eyes. It is seeing your dreams unfold in front of your eyes and being amazed that you got there. Of course, getting there is half the fun.