When I stepped out of college, I was terrified about the adulting journey that I would have to take. I wanted to go back to college when my goals were a bit simpler. I wasn’t expected to do the taxes, manage my finances, and be smart with money decisions.

Slowly I started learning all there was to know for me to handle my finances without stressing out about it. That got me thinking about how easier it is for us to learn all these things. 

Yes, we talk about how it should be a skill that should be taught in school. But, it isn’t and by the time we do something about it, I don’t know how many years would have had passed.


In the time to being digitally connected to people all over the world, learning about anything has gotten so much easier. There are paid courses of course, but there are people who share their knowledge just for the sake of helping out others. 

Learning to make the most of what you have begins when we learn to utilize our resources and carry on to our financial matters as well.

Being a resourceful person is an important prerequisite for becoming successful in anything. A resourceful person has enough personal connections, time and money needed to reach their goal at most times – if not, then they can easily find a way to learn and get what they want.

Make Use of Free Resources

Free resources like books, YouTube videos, etc. are available to you all the time if you don’t have the money to invest in learning – a little ironic to have to spend money to learn how to save money. Money invested in books and educational training always gives huge returns in terms of the knowledge and value they provide. 

Moreover, many business tycoons have put their heart and soul in putting their life’s learnings in a few hundred pages of a book; which doesn’t even cost that much.

Attending meetups and groups built around finances and business is another way to learn a lot from other people’s experiences. Socializing to understand the learning curve of other people will teach you all you need to do and not do.

Final Thoughts

Just because we weren’t taught something doesn’t mean that we can’t learn those things. Let’s be honest, one thing that our school assignments did teach us was how to search for information on the Internet. Put those skills to use and learn all that you need to about money matters. Other than that, you have me bringing you ways to be financially secure and become independent.