If you are planning on hosting a party, it can get expensive real quick, especially if it is during the holiday season. One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my friends. Considering we have all just started earning, taking the brunt of the full expensive isn’t exactly logical, and we understand that.


We have come to a perfect solution to divide up the expenses. Food is one of the main expenses because we are all foodies. So, the biggest bill our parties get is for food. We started using the potluck concept for our gatherings. We aren’t that strict about us having to prepare one dish ourselves if any of us don’t have time, then buying a dish is perfectly fine. Partying with friends makes everything more flexible.

But, if you are organizing a potluck party for your office, neighborhood, or relatives, or are attending one, then you might have to prepare the dish yourself.

What Exactly is Potluck?

A potluck party comprises of everyone chipping in on the food and drink arrangement of the party by bringing in a dish of their own. It allows you to save up on food costs but still have enough for everyone to be fed. It also makes every person feel involved in the party from the start.

Things to Remember When Hosting a Potluck

  • Plan – Plan how much food you need and what is the theme of the party so that everyone can contribute to a food item that makes the table more cohesive.
  • Coordinate – You need to either assign a dish to everyone or have them signup with the dish they are going to bring. This is so that you don’t end with similar dishes and not much variety, that sort of takes away from the idea of the potluck.

Having a theme can significantly reduce your expenses because it gives you a chance to come up with creative ideas that don’t cost much. With drinks, it is even easier, you can aim for a minimal selection of beverages and fit them to the theme to make it appear more interesting.

Final Thoughts

Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time with your friends and family. Understanding that not everyone is going to have a lot of money to spend is the key to enjoying without going through all the stress of throwing a perfect party. 

Holidays mean that you will already be spending a lot of money on gifts as well as on visiting family. So, a party, especially with friends, should bring you joy and not stress. Potluck is one such solution to having a widespread without breaking the bank. Have fun and let me know how your potluck party goes.