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6 Reasons to Not Buy a House Even If You Can Afford It

I’m going to play devils advocate on home ownership today. Sure, it’s the American dream to own a house and all that, but far too often, young people jump into home ownership just because it’s cheaper than your rent payment that you’re “throwing away”...
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10 Tips for Living on Less Than $25,000 per Year

It’s not easy to do. But then again, it’s not terribly difficult either. Living on $25,000 per year as a single person is possible, even in a large metro area, even when living on your own without roommates. I’ve done it for two years...
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100 Benefits of Living Below Your Means

As quite possibly the world’s biggest fan of living below your means and the benefits it can bring, I’ve decided to end the debate today on whether living below your means is a good idea or not. The truth is out and living below...
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How To Get Started with

Today, we had a budget seminar at work where I found out that only 2 out of 40 people in our company used an online financial organization/budgeting software to manage their finances. One co-worker and I are both using Our seminar leader mentioned...
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Why I Hate Debt and Believe You Should Too

For new readers who haven’t read my early posts, you may not know what my thoughts are on debt. So what are they? Am I leveraged up to my eyeballs, making minimum payments every month while I invest everything I can to earn higher...
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How to Create a Budget with

Today, I show you how to create and manage a budget using As a long time user of and their budgeting software, I’m a believer that’s budgets are their most valuable tool. Using a budget and knowing exactly how much I’m...
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These are the EXACT same steps I used to dig my way out of debt, pile up 5 years of living expenses and start my own business (which will earn over $75,000 this year)!

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